Services We Offer


Services Pricing


128  kbps up   128
kbps down   $29.95

128 kbps up   256 kbps
down   $39.95

128 kbps up   512 kbps
down   $49.95

128 kbps up   1000 kbps
down   $59.95



256 kbps up   256 kbps
down   $44.95

256 kbps up   512 kbps
down   $54.95

256 kbps up   1000 kbps
down   $64.95



512 kbps up   1000 kbps
down $79.95


Business Packages Quoted At Request,
As They Usually Require More Bandwidth.



All services comes with one email
address. You can request additional email addresses at an additional
charge of $1.00.

We will be offering web services in
the future.

Bills are sent by email, and can be
paid from your customer account, mailed, or dropped off at the address
listed on the Contact Us link



Terms and Conditions

services will require a one year contract of service.

If you decide not  to continue service with us
there is a $50.00 cancellation fee, that will be due at the time of the
removal of our equipment. If you have any
subscription fee
due at the time of discontinuance it will also
be due.

If you are a customer and move and require the service
to be moved. There will be a $100.00 fee for moving your equipment. If
you owe on a loan from initial install it will be required that this be
paid in full at the time of install at new location.


Install fee

All fees are due upon completion of the install.

Install fees are for the install,
and are none

If your location is able to be serviced with a 900
MHz Canopy module,
install fee will be $199.00.

The fee
for the install is only an install of the equipment, the equipment is
owned by HighTower Communications, if equipment fails under normal
usage, or act of nature it will be no charge to you. 

only consist of mounting equipment that comes with the units to mount
them to the house, the wire required for the run into the house, and
connecting to 1 pc or router. if you want other computers to access the
net there will be an additional charge of an install to make them work
on a LAN, or you may do it yourself if you have the knowledge.

equipment is not mounted on the house, the pole ,tripod, or telescoping
pole will be an extra charge, the wire from the pole to the house will
be an extra charge if over 50 feet, the burying of the wire across the
ground will be an extra charge, if trees need to be trimmed will be an
extra charge.

computer must have a network card, if it don't we will install one at a
additional charge of $5.00 Labor and the cost of a new card plus tax.

installs will be prorated for the first month of service beginning the
day service starts for that month till the first.

If you
decide on a faster or slower service speed up and down just contact us
and request it and you will be upgraded promptly, at no additional



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