Speed Comparisons



Speed Comparison

Canopy delivers fast downloads.

Below is a speed comparison of a 5 MB file download from server to PC*.

Canopy is faster for uploads.

Below is a speed comparison of a 2.5 MB file upload from PC* to server.

Delivery Comparison:

delivers better.

With any wireless system, signal strength

fluctuates often and reception can occasionally be lost. Below is a

graph of a radio system (- not Motorola).

delivers more reliable service.

With Canopy, Internet data is delivered in small data packets that
reduce interference and use a fraction of the “air time” of other
systems. So, your customers and users always get fast, reliable Internet

Fast Internet delivery
demands an interference-free signal. That’s where Canopy really
performs. Because Canopy achieves “capture’ - delivery with no
Interference - at the modest signal level, it provides fast,
interference-free Internet access to your customers and users.

Interference Comparison:

Canopy reaches more customers and

Canopy’s high interference tolerance - combined with its directional
antennas - make the best solution for serving more customers. Take a
look at an example of 20 randomly positioned Access Points serving a

Non-Canopy scenario: Other
wireless systems - with less interference tolerance and no directional
antennas - experience interference from other Access Points in the area.
Only customers closest to the transmitting signal can expect good
service (green areas).

Canopy scenario:

Because of Canopy’s high interference tolerance and

directional antennas, adding Access Points actually increases coverage
and capacity.

Clearly, Canopy is the
best wireless solution.

  • It’s Faster

  • It Delivers Better

  • It Reaches
    More Customers and Users

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